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GroundFloor Media Crisis ResponseA communications crisis can take many forms — they can be internal, external, online or in the media.

Having an established crisis plan always helps, even if it is generic and has basic strategies and messages. For crisis events that involve the media, here are some tips to follow that may keep the media from further inflating the issue.

During a crisis, be prepared to provide the media:

  • Information in a timely manner. Prevent information vacuums where speculation and rumor can grow and have a serious impact on the situation. Proactively let them know when to expect updates.
  • Facts, sources and relevant materials. Have easy-to-read, continuously updated materials, printed or online, with information.
  • Readily available points of contact. Identify people who can speak with the media directly and/or provide 24-hour contact information. Remember, the media generally does not work regular 8 to 5 hours.

Find out more about Crisis Management and how GroundFloor Media’s Rapid Response team can help your company prepared and respond.

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