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2016 marketing and social media plans for your brand or company have likely been long written, submitted and approved (let’s hope!) but year, or even quarter-long, plans can take such high-level views that the tactical, day-to-day stuff never gets addressed. To really hit the ground running in January take some time in the last few days of 2015 to set social media goals for the first day, week and month after the holidays.


AdvertisingAge: Facebook Gives Marketer Pages New Customer-Service Tools
While Twitter has often been viewed as the social media platform of choice for users to vent about whatever brand they are angry with at that moment, Facebook is rapidly making changes to become a true customer service platform. New updates help both brands and customers interact with each other.

Business Insider: Teens still don’t think Facebook is cool but they use it more than any other social site
A new Forrester study has found while that teens may say that they think Facebook is “not as cool” as other popular networks, it still generates more “hyper usage” than Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter; with 61 percent of those surveyed saying it’s the social network they use most.


Digiday: Walgreens Sees ROI on Marketing Beyond Financial Returns
Since the advent of social media and digital content marketers have struggled to calculate the ROI on their time and money. Adam Kmiec, digital marketer at Walgreens, urges brands to understand the non-financial returns on their social media investments.

Campaigns How Coldwell Banker Real Estate trended organically on Twitter during the Academy Awards
This is a great look at how Coldwell Banker created a fully integrated digital and social media campaign to reach their targeted audience on an emotional level. The campaign, which focused on the feeling of owning a dog that’s happy to see you when you get home, trended on Facebook and Twitter with no paid promotion and helped over 20,000 dogs find new homes.

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