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The holiday season is a time for reflection, celebration, time with family and friends, and of course, year-end lists! Enjoy our compilation of some of the top digital and social media trends and campaigns – and we hope you have a happy and grateful holiday season!

2015 Best Campaigns

Small Business Trends: Here are Some of the Best Viral Campaigns of 2015
Nothing makes us cringe more than attempting to “plan” a viral campaign, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some 2016 inspiration from those campaigns that indeed went viral over the past year. This article lists a few of the best. 11 Most Memorable Social Media Marketing Successes of 2015
It’s hard to find a recap list that covers multiple industries as well as multiple social media platforms. This list contains a little of everything, and a lot of inspiration for your efforts in 2016.

2015 Digital Trends

Ad Age: Digital Ad Revenue Sets New Quarterly Record
One trend that carried over from 2014 has been budgets continuing to move from traditional advertising models to digital platforms. Digital ad spends in the third quarter of 2015 grew 23% to more than $15 billion. The digital space continues to become more crowded but marketers are clearly finding value and success through digital advertising.

Mobile Marketer: Mobile Video Ad Views on YouTube Surpass Desktop in 2015
Another shift in user behavior this year is the increase in mobile content consumption. Case in point: more people viewed YouTube ads on their mobile device than their desktop computer in 2015, also highlighting consumers’ increasing interest in branded videos.

eMarketer: Brands Tread Carefully with Social Commerce
It’s a question that our clients are increasingly debating: Should our social media efforts focus more on branding and community building or commerce and selling? This article has a great take on the debate, and food for thought as you plan for 2016. “We have to be careful with the trust of customers because it’s very easy to unfollow a brand when it becomes too aggressive in its approach.”

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