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It isn’t enough anymore to simply find the right person with the right message. There’s so much noise and attention spans have gotten so short that marketers also have to reach their audience at the exact right time. Think showing an ad for airfare as an out-of-state consumer searches for tickets to the big game. These “micro-moments” are becoming the next big battleground for brands.


SocialTimes: Snapchat: The King of Millennial Micro-Moments
Reaching consumers in appropriate micro-moments, or real-time moments of consumer discovery that occur on mobile devices, is the new gold mine for brands looking for more engagement. Finding your audience exactly when they want to be reached can pay huge dividends, and Snapchat is leading the charge.

The New York Times: Marketing in the Moments, to Reach Customers Online
Following up on the idea above, Google’s Lisa Gevelber, a vice president for marketing, says, “Now more than ever, intent is more important than identity and demographics, and immediacy is more important than brand loyalty.” Have you thought about how you can reach your customers at the key purchasing junctures that will drive a conversion?

Working in Social Media

Observer: Meet the Social Media Genius Behind Dan Bilzerian and Verne Troyer
Greg Baroth, the man behind social media accounts like Total Frat Move and Randy Jackson in addition to those mentioned above, sums up social media better than most: “What I’m really doing, is brand development. It’s a mix of social media, photography, video production, content creation, business development and PR all rolled into one. Usually, the job consists of storytelling, which is essentially just branding. The better or more unique that I can make the story surrounding the project, the better chance it has of doing well.” Give this great story a read.

Fast Company: Inside the Growing Social Media Skills Group
Anyone who works in social media has heard potential clients say, “We have someone on the team who is familiar with Facebook. I’m sure they can handle it.” True social media skills are still few and far between at many companies even though nearly every department will impact it on a regular basis.


Digiday: Twitter is now offering 30-second and longer, skippable pre-roll ads
Twitter has announced that it’s following YouTube’s lead by allowing longer pre-roll video ads that can run for up to 30 seconds or more (up from the six-second standard it first adopted). The longer ads come with an immediate skip option as a part of the more than two-year-old Amplify program, in which ad revenue is split between the content creators and Twitter. While brands may not have the option yet, it may not be too far away.

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