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Welcome to Super Bowl week! GFM’s Broncos pride aside, we’re all looking forward to the play-by-play commentary on which brands, and platforms, strike social media gold in the coming days. Experts are already eyeing Snapchat as a platform poised to deliver buzz-worthy results.

But let’s look past the millions of dollars that are about to be dropped on advertising and engagement campaigns for the big game. This week we’ve curated reads that are more in line with the average social media and digital budget. From how to make an “average Joe” a champion influencer for your brand to really understanding what people are searching for on Facebook in order to better target your content, we’ve got you covered.


TheVerge: The Definitive List Of What Everyone Likes On Facebook
How is Facebook slicing and dicing its user data to determine what we like? The results are complex but telling, especially if you’re looking for even newer ways to hone in on making content hyper-relevant. Plus, “hipster interests” as a category just cracks us up.

AdWeek: Facebook Is Now Letting Everyone in the U.S. With an iPhone Livestream Video
Are you an iPhone user? If you answered yes, you’ve been granted Facebook’s Live Video streaming access as of last week. This is notable given the recent statistic that people watch 100 million hours of video on the network every day. But just like no one has ever wanted to watch paint dry, think of your new Live Video powers in a similar way. Be judicious, creative and ruthlessly targeted to make sure you’re livestreaming content of true value.


TechCrunch: GoPro Integrates With Periscope
Take your Periscope strategy to the next level by considering steaming directly from a GoPro. We can dream up a million ways to surprise and delight audiences using this perspective.

Influencer Marketing

AdWeek: Why Average Joes Are More Influential Than Celebrities on Social Media
Influencer marketing requires a constant conversation about program goals, expectations and cost. And unless you’re working with a six-figure budget or more, you probably need to steer your sights away from the Jessica Alba’s of the world and embrace the power of a troop of “average Joe’s.” Read on for solid tips about finding the right, and most realistic, influencers for promoting your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Website Magazine: Should You Hire An SEO Firm Or Do It Yourself?
The do-it-yourself allure of tools like AdWords can be very appealing as a small business. But when you peel back the layers of cost-per-click and the time management it takes on a daily basis, are you really saving by taking SEO in house? This article provides a no nonsense cost comparison for professional SEO services versus taking a DIY approach. It also offers some important warnings about common mistakes when handling SEO on your own, such as keyword stuffing that can damage your online reputation long term.

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