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It’s event season here at GroundFloor Media, with several clients in the midst of hosting events or busy with the equally intense promotional periods leading up to their events. With that being the case, this edition of Weekly Reads is devoted to new social tools designed to help you with event content dissemination and promotion.


Sport Techie: Facebook Live suits up for NBA All-Star Weekend
Facebook expanded its “Facebook Live” service to all verified brand pages in December, and the NBA took full advantage during the recently completed All-Star weekend. If your Facebook page isn’t verified, it’s easy to remedy that. But if you don’t have a significant following on your own page, you might try getting a media outlet to facilitate a Facebook Live session on your behalf. Why? Because Live sessions hosted by pages with strong followings hold the potential to drive significant engagement.

Forbes: Facebook launches new website to help nonprofits
This new feature doesn’t exactly cater to events, but given the number of nonprofits who host events, this new website from Facebooks seems applicable to this conversation. That said, the new site may be a bit redundant for some, as it starts with the building-block basics of setting up a Page. But it also presents helpful tips about how to expand your network of fans, as well as a step-by-step guide explaining how to use the platform’s newest fundraising tools.


MarketingLand: How the new Snapchat “on-demand geofilters” work
In the past, Snapchat allowed individual users to add what it calls geofilters on top of photos and video. These geofilters are special stamps with the name of a place, business or event. Snapchat is now letting anyone, including brands, create these custom stamps for them and other users to add when sharing from particular locations. There is a fee (starting at $5 per day), but this could serve as a helpful branding tool if you’re planning to use Snapchat for your event or if you feel attendees are likely to use Snapchat themselves.

Mashable: Take a page out of the Tribeca Film Fest’s book
When it comes to utilizing new social tools to create buzz and content for and from your event, few do it better than the Tribeca Film Festival. In 2005, they partnered with a then-up-and-coming site called Amazon on a digital film contest. The first film shot on a cell phone premiered at the festival in 2007. In 2013, they partnered with a new social tool called Vine for a #6secfilms contest, which spawned an entire subgenre. This year, they’re working with Snapchat to identify the 10 best public Snapchat Stories in the U.S.

Paid vs. organic

AdWeek: Native advertising vs. organic content marketing
Native advertising is a growing and powerful tool that we recommend for a great deal of our clients. But it shouldn’t take the place of organic content marketing. In fact, this new study from Fractl and Moz suggests content marketing, when done right, can provide a hefty return on investment.

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