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The world of social media tends to be “what have you created that’s new in the past five minutes,” often times leading to what we like to call “bright, shiny object syndrome” – or flashy new features and social platforms that don’t have much substance and tend to take our attention away from strategy. With the release of Canvas and Reactions in the past week, Facebook is dominating recent headlines, but not necessarily because they’re just bright and shiny. Read on to learn a bit more about the strategy behind these new features.


Mashable: Facebook’s New Glossy Mobile Ads are Ready for Their Close Up
Facebook unveiled its new “Canvas” mobile advertising format this past week, showcasing a new option for more visual, more interactive advertising on the platform. With one click users are taken to a new ad unit/page to explore content in a more engaging manner. Pricing for Canvas will likely be much higher than a normal Facebook campaign, but the new offering provides larger brands with richer options.

Social Media Today: How Facebook’s ‘Reactions’ Will Change the Game – An Overview for Marketers
If you think Facebook’s new “reactions” are simply a series of new emojis, think again. This article outlines how the five new reactions came to be, and the data they could provide for marketers on the Facebook platform moving forward.

New York Magazine: How the World’s Biggest Social Network Became Cool Again
The questions “Is Facebook dying?” and “Are kids moving away from Facebook?” have been repeated for a number of years now. Here is a fresh take on how humor is breathing new life into the “old” social network.

Website Design

Website Magazine: Design Tips that Will Boost Conversion Rates
Most of us non-designers understand the value of hiring a design professional to make sure our website/content/marketing materials are appealing and add value to the marketing process. That said, its also beneficial to know a little about the design process and what we as humans find appealing. There are a number of basic, but very useful tips related to website design included in this article.


Marketing Land: Nielson Will Start Measuring Snapchat Ads
Many predicted 2016 would be the year that Snapchat comes of age, and this announcement from Nielson takes another step in that direction. We expect more and more brands to utilize the Snapchat platform based on this type of third party measurement.

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