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Oh coveted customers…come out come out wherever you are! This week we primarily honed in on the latest news and announcement regarding audience targeting. From going big – 30,000 companies at once anyone? – to using tools like BuzzSumo to figure out what social platforms are driving folks to you or your competitors, targeting tools seemingly improve daily.

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Social Media Today: 3 Critical Foundations of Social Media Marketing
We’re probably preaching to the choir, but we constantly go back to the basics of social media marketing ourselves. The overview of BuzzSumo will be extremely interesting if you are not currently researching and tracking where your brand (and competitors) are seeing the most traction from various social media channels—and adjust and improve strategies accordingly.


PRDaily: Bolstered LinkedIn Targeting and Facebook Messenger Ads
LinkedIn announced that marketers can now target up to 30,000 companies at once with a campaign, a tremendous jump from the prior 100 company threshold that required a manual process. Big news for B2B marketers! Simultaneously, Facebook may be planning a rollout of ads in its Messenger app. However, not just any brand can blast out content in this space. A conversation between a Facebook user and company must have already taken place to target that person on Messenger. The lesson? Converse and engage now to get ready for the rollout (Marketing Land reported an April timeframe)!


DigiDay: Trendspotting Decisions at Fashion Brands
You do not need to be a buyer for Nordstrom to understand and appreciate the relevance of this piece. We read it through the filter that today’s brands, especially small and emerging companies, do not necessarily invest tens of thousands of dollars in research to predict “what’s hot” according to their target customers. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest allow all of us free reign to become trendspotting gurus for free and then craft content, campaigns or even product lines based on findings.


Bloomberg: How Snapchat built a Business
Still bewildered by Snapchat? This in-depth feature may or may not make your head spin, but if the platform continues to come up in marketing brainstorms, it is a must-read. One of the most basic but interesting points: Snapchat is toppling the competition fighting to reach the under-30 crowd, “shrewdly” charging thousands of dollars whenever they roll out a new advertising option, raising the conversation about whether or not to play to CMOs everywhere.


MarketingLand: Survey Finds 44% Of Brands Have Produced Live Video
Live streaming video production is a rapidly growing category. A new survey found that the majority of video is focused on training, with anticipation for live streaming to grow for consumer panels, virtual tours, product launches and influencer briefings.

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