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Sunday is usually one of the hardest (OK, not hard, but people are starting to drag) days of the festival because of the lost hour due to the time change and the propensity of folks to party on Saturday night. However, Team GFM was up and ready to face the day!

GranolaBarsNomNom: If it weren’t for granola bars, we wouldn’t even really have an update here for Sunday! We (and our stomachs) are hoping to do better on the food front today!

Libations: We co-hosted a casual happy hour with our Denver neighbors Brand Juice and had fun catching up with clients (old and new) and friends over delicious drinks like the Rio Grande, Peaty Pepper and the El Cochito.

Grab Bag: A stop by a party on the east side of town introduced us to Anna the Vanna and the Vannagram, a renovated Volkswagen van that contains a photo booth inside. Super cute design and really great digital and analog execution creates some awesome photos and a really fun experience. Look them up if you’re in Texas!


Overheard: “Listen – I know the person who is playing this song.” – overheard while standing in line at the W Hotel

Celebrity-ish Sighting: Jon took in a session on dealing with online trolls and got to meet one of the best, @PFTCommenter. It’s highly likely that he was the only panelist at SXSW to take the stage with a Mickey’s.


Free Stuff Rules: Lasers + Chromeo = awesome… Thanks to our friends at Spredfast for inviting us to the concert!!


Through the Lens: 

Made with Live GIF

Number of Steps Taken: 14,724 – not to mention hours of standing (in sessions, at happy hour, and at a concert). Is there an app for that?

Hours of Sleep: Carissa: 6; Jon: 6

Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: Carissa: 1 (ouch)  Jon: 5

~ Carissa and Jon

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