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For the sixth year in a row, GFM sent two team members to attend the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) conference in Austin. The interactive portion of the conference just wrapped on Monday, and in case you weren’t able to follow Carissa and Jon’s daily posts, we thought we’d use this edition of Weekly Reads to fill you in on the best of the best from their trip!

With nearly 30 sessions between them, Carissa and Jon picked up some great insight and inspiration from speakers as varied as chefs, neuroscientists, cover models, editors and Oscar-winning producers, to name a few. Topics included everything from virtual reality (the talk of SXSWi this year) to Twitter, content creation and metrics. Curious to learn more? We’ve got it all for you right here!

Friday’s Sessions

  • New World of Photography and Visual Storytelling
  • The 170-year-old Startup: AP
  • Digital Parenting: Raising Balanced Innovators
  • Sharenting to Equal Parenting: Modern Family Myths
  • The Next Multibillion Opp: Marketing in Messaging
  • Go Native or Go Home: Ads and Addictive Content

Saturday’s Sessions

  • Content Creation and the Future of Sports TV
  • From Apps to Obsession: Sparking Enviable Fandom
  • Capital One Spark Business House for Surprise & Delight: Disruption & Social Media in Flowers, Films & Small Business
  • Pimp My Brain: A Crash Course in DIY Brainhacking
  • Email is the Devil and Must Be Vanquished
  • Evolution of Fast Casual and the Shift to Mindful Eating

Sunday’s Sessions

  • Acceptance Revolution: Fashion’s New Body
  • How to Stop Speaking in Bulls#$t
  • Niche to Movement to Mainstream: How Cultures Grow
  • How to Cultivate Online Brand Ambassadors
  • Heads and Hearts: Consumer Engagement Where it Counts
  • Sports and MarTech: Converting Fans into Fanatics
  • Gen Z: The Most Influential Consumer

Monday’s Sessions

  • Flail or Fail: Marketing to Fandom
  • Virtual Reality: Streaming, Discovery and Monetization
  • Is Twitter the New Customer Call Center?
  • #SCIENCE: a Revolution in Science Communication
  • Making Metrics Sexy: Find ROI in the (Excel) Sheets
  • Selling with Sex: Brand Partnerships and Dating Apps
  • Brand Partnerships and Dating Apps
  • Big Organizing: Digital Tools in Bernie Sanders’s Revolution

Austin Faves – Carissa and Jon made time before and after sessions for fun, too! If you’re traveling to Austin anytime soon, or if you just want to capture some of the spirit of SXSWi, you’ll want to check out some of their favorite food, drinks, sights and sounds…

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