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Facebook CanvasYou may have missed the announcement or noticed the option in your Publishing Tools dashboard and kept on scrolling but Facebook recently released a new advertising and content tool called Canvas that could change the way you promote content campaigns on the platform.

Facebook Canvas is a full-screen mobile experience that gives visitors a new way to move through digital stories. For brands and publishers, the new tool can help create an immersive experience that can include multiple pieces of content via different media like pictures (including panoramic), cinegraphs, text and video. No longer does a Facebook post need to only link to one piece of content, now brands can tell a complete story using many different touch points.

Additionally, like Facebook’s Instant Articles, Canvas posts load almost the second the user clicks on them and they are very easy to build, no coding skills required. Check out Facebook’s Canvas page to sign up if you don’t yet have access and to see some examples that brands have already rolled out.


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