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Since social media activities can fall into marketing, public relations, customer service and many other lines of business it is often either shoehorned into one of those departments or put into it’s own little silo. That’s not the best way to manage your efforts. Social media is just a medium that allows for engagement, messaging and interaction, much like more traditional marketing and communications activities. To use the medium successfully the team handling execution needs to be integrated and included in all aspects of the business.

Digital Campaigns

Social Media Today: How Social Helped the First Silicon Valley Comic Con Break Records
This first Silicon Valley Comic Con recap is a great walkthrough of the many communication channels necessary for good event engagement and conversion. Don’t just ask, “who’s handling social media” for an event because you are setting yourself, and the event, up for failure. Find a partner or internal resources comfortable and experienced in executing digital campaigns and make sure they are involved in all stages of the production process – pre, post and during.


The Verge: Snapchat redesigns chat to add stickers, audio, and video notes
Snapchat announced a bevy of upgrades to the application including more than 200 stickers that can be used in chat, upgraded video calls and new audio/video notes. But the new feature that will be lauded by marketers is a big change to the Stories feature, automatically advancing to the next story in your feed after you’ve finished the current selection.

AdAge: To Big Brands, From a Millennial: Snapchat Filters Are Where It’s At
If your brand or product targets millennials (or younger) the time to start thinking about reaching your audiences on Snapchat has already passed. It’s now time to start engaging on the platform. While most of us have nowhere close to the budgets required to create a Sponsored Filter ($500,000+) it’s still important to understand how, and more importantly why, they are so effective when done right.


Digiday: Brands aren’t using Facebook Canvas, but Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are
We extolled the virtues of the new Facebook Canvas ads, including how marketers without development skills can create them, in a recent blog post but the ease of creation doesn’t mean that just anybody can create a great ad execution that truly takes advantage of the format. Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz have used Canvas with great success in their political campaigns and their case studies illustrate the thought and planning that needs to go into creating a successful campaign.


Instagram for Business Blog: Reaching Moms on Instagram
Reaching moms (and dads for that matter) can be a tricky proposition because of the sheer number of brands vying for their limited attention. A new study on how moms use Instagram provides some insightful statistics that highlight how the platform is a key channel to find parents willing to engage with branded content,. Additionally, a new update to the platform allows 60-second videos to be uploaded so that marketers have more time to tell their story.

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