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Technologies that not too long ago seemed like the stuff of science fiction, like virtual reality and artificial intelligence being used to communicate with humans, are at the forefront of marketing trends this year. However, another major trend we’re watching is the importance of brands, and people, maintaining their authenticity and humanity. To be successful, marketers need to figure out how to make these new technologies work while keeping the human element.


Billboard Biz: How a Chatbot Helped This Vinyl Records Startup Make $1 Million in 8 Months
Many marketers are still struggling with how to use chatbots within their business and whether they really need to devote time and resources into strategizing ways that they can be used. But simple case studies like this one from The Edit show that chatbots can be a great tool if kept simple, especially with a combination of automation and human intervention.

Social Media

Momentology: How To Solve The Brand Tribute Problem
We’ve all struggled with how our brands should handle the death of a prominent celebrity and we’ve seen examples both good and bad in the wake of Prince and David Bowie passing away. This article makes a very good argument that unless there is a true connection with the celebrity, brands shouldn’t mention them at all.


Ad Age: Instagram Adds Video to Ad Carousel
Social media has turned into an arms race as the major platforms compete to keep pace with the meteoric rise of video in both content and advertising. Instagram, following parent company Facebook’s lead, has announced a new carousel video product that will allow advertisers to add multiple videos to the same sponsored post. The videos can be up to 60 seconds in length, and the new format will be rolled out to the public in mid-May.

The Verge: Instagram is testing a Contact button to let users interact with businesses
Formerly distinct social media platforms become more and more similar every single day. Even Snapchat is starting to add more standard features. Instagram, until recently a “share photos and nothing else” tool, has added a ton of communication features since opening up its advertising platform. Now, a new Contact button is being tested that could make it even more vital that businesses embrace the trend and interact with customers on Instagram.

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