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When work gets busy and life gets busy (often at the same time), staying happy at work can be a challenge. Happiness in general is a very loaded term that can’t be addressed in one blog post. That said, I’m always eager to learn what other people do to achieve happiness in the work place.

One aspect of work that can sometimes be overwhelming is very simple: Mondays. Monday can be daunting – it’s the start of the week and the start of a long to-do list. At a recent all-staff meeting, our team discussed strategies for preparing for a stress-free Monday. Here are some of the helpful tips our team shared:

  • Be Schedule-Aware – Check the schedule to make sure you’re fully aware of all meetings scheduled for the early part of the week.
  • Go to Bed Early – Get a good night sleep on Sunday night.
  • Don’t Fall Behind – Stay up-to-date on e-mails throughout the weekend so they don’t pile-up. Don’t necessarily respond, but scan so there are no surprises on Monday morning.
  • Keep it Free – Avoid post work plans on Monday night so you can rest after work.
  • Write it Again – Rewrite your to-do list on a fresh piece of paper so you feel organized.

In addition to these tips, I recently read the article, “5 Things You Can Do at Home to Improve Your Life at Work” in Fast Company and loved what the author had to share. In this article, Stephanie Vozza gives tips for happiness at work:

  • Practice Happiness – Take time every so often to remind yourself of what’s going well.
  • Schedule Micro-Recovery Moments – Go for a walk outside, do some stretching, read poetry, or simply have a cup of tea.
  • Lead From Your Core Strengths – Focus on your authentic qualities and strengths – it will make you more energized and engaged at work.
  • Create Tech Boundaries – Take a break from your device and carve out time to recharge without it.
  • Get Enough Sleep – Prioritize it.

I can’t guarantee that if you do all of the tips listed above you will be the happiest person in the world at work. But, I have found that even adopting 2 – 3 can actually make a huge difference.

Do you think about how you can be happy at work? If so, what strategies do you use? If not, why?


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