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Poll the CenterTable team members on their favorite brands and publishers on social media and National Geographic (and NASA!) will come up near the top of many lists. Yes, National Geographic has a wealth of vivid imagery and interesting stories to share but they do it in a unique way that keeps followers around and engaging.

This Digiday interview with CEO Declan Moore provided some interesting insight into just how they approach it. Below are some of our favorite takeaways.

Why it’s necessary for Nat Geo to be on social platforms:
“We reach a much bigger audience there than we do on our owned and operated channels. I would love to have the aggregated reach that we enjoy across Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter on our O-and-O. But they help us get our storytelling to millions of consumers all around the world. They play a valuable role in that regard for us.”

How Nat Geo tries to be efficient in allocating resources for social:
“We’re able to ingest a lot of that content that we do in the field and generate story arcs around it and do fun things with it for the audience that’s on Snapchat and elsewhere.

There are additional resource requirements, but we’re resourcing appropriately for what we hope to get back from the storytelling and the audience’s participation. We’re fortunate if what we get back is more interest in our upcoming TV series, or a request for a catalog for a travel trip, or more interest in our student expeditions.”

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