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Given their rise toward the top of the list of most popular social media platforms, it’s no surprise that we’ve got a lot to talk about when it comes to Instagram and Snapchat this week. Squeezing into the picture, too, is our old friend Facebook, which recently started testing Snapchat-style camera effects.

Before you take in the latest news and trends, however, we invite you to pop in on two interesting case studies. The first outlines how Martha Stewart is cooking up continued success on Facebook Live. Another tried-and-true brand, Jeep, handed customers the keys to its brand in celebration of its 75th anniversary and it’s been a great ride. Now grab a snack and buckle in as you dive into this week’s reads to gather inspiration to implement your own future case study!


TechCrunch: Facebook Tests Snapchat-Style Camera Special Effects With Ephemeral Sharing

While not available globally quite yet, we’re excited to see Facebook’s Snapchat-like features that it just began testing in Ireland. New-to-Facebook features will feel similar to those available on Snapchat, including animated selfie-masks and geofilters, along with some unique “reactive” filters that respond to the user’s movements. It’s unlikely these changes will override Snapchat, but instead give Facebook loyalists a reason to stay on one platform.

Instagram & Snapchat

Adweek: Here’s What Gen Z and Millennials Love and Hate About Instagram and Snapchat

Looking to leverage Instagram or Snapchat to reach young consumers? Then you’ll want to spend a few minutes reading this summary of research recently completed by Adweek. The results really flip-flop between the two platforms depending on the question – but it looks like while Snapchat is “cooler”, more respondents think Instagram has staying power.

Entrepreneur: 3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Engagement on Instagram

This to-the-point article proposes three simple tips for increasing Instagram engagement: leveraging user-generated photos, featuring your product “in action”, and inspiring and exciting your audience. Pair these tips with examples of brands like Under Armour and GoPro who are doing this well, and this quick read is sure to provide value this week!


Adweek: 6 Social Media Archetypes for the Modern-Day Brand Influencer

Not everyone on social media is an influencer, but partnering with an influencer who has discovered a niche can be a real win for brands. This article delves into six emerging social media archetypes and provides examples of the brands who are leveraging their talents. See if you can spot the influencer whose approach might work for your brand!


The Verge: Twitter is Killing Off Vine

By now you might have already heard the news that Twitter is saying goodbye to its 6-second video format Vine. If you’ve created Vines for your brand in the past, don’t panic – at least not yet. Currently, Twitter has pledged not to delete any existing Vines, but the mobile app will be discontinued in the coming months.

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