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GroundFloor Media made Outside Magazine's Best Place to Work list for the fifth straight time in 2016.
GroundFloor Media made Outside Magazine’s Best Place to Work list for the fifth straight time in 2016.

It may seem like social media is now completely engrained in our personal and work lives but the reality is the communication method is still very new. Many companies, especially those with large, complex organizations, are still trying to figure out when, how and if their employees should be using social during work. However, some have realized the power of turning employees into megaphones for the brands and are reaping the benefits.


5280: Outside Magazine Really Loves Colorado Businesses

We’re honored and proud that our sister agency, GroundFloor Media, ranked second among a whopping 36 Colorado companies to be named to Outside Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work list. Congrats to all of the great companies who made the list!

Employee Engagement

Adweek: Big Brands Are Enlisting Employees to Create an Army of Social Media Mavens

Marketers are increasingly realizing that their fellow employees can be some of their brands’ biggest advocates. Companies like IBM, Xerox and Pitney Bowes have found that recognition and visibility – often through something as simple as a leaderboard – can have big-time results. Making it as easy as possible for employees by giving them the right tools and allowing them to participate as much or as little as they like enables your employees to help share your message.


Adweek: You Can Now Manage Accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger Via One App

While it’s hard to believe that some small-to-medium-sized business owners actually have to resort to using multiple phones to manage their different social media platforms and identities, brand managers of all sizes know how big of a struggle it can be to monitor all of the activity and conversation. Facebook has just released a tool called Universal Inbox that will at least help with handling communications for Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram via the Facebook Pages app.


Marketing Dive: Snapchat Signs Data Deal With Foursquare for Better Targeted Geofilters

Foursquare’s place as a social media platform has been reduced a bit as users have gravitated away from the platform but savvy deals with other platforms have kept the company viable. Those partnerships have allowed Foursquare to continue adding to its treasure trove of location-based data, and a new deal with Snapchat seeks to make use of it. Snapchat advertisers now have access to Foursquare’s data points that map 90 million locations when running geofilter campaigns. For example, a retailer could hone in on a specific store location instead of zeroing in on the larger shopping center, while a fast-food company could pinpoint specific restaurants.


The Verge: Instagram Stories Now Have Mentions, Links and Boomerangs

Instagram Stories have taken off very quickly with both brands and influencers since the feature was launched. Now a new update that arrived last week allows mentions, links and an inline version of its Boomerang app to be inserted into stories, making the tool an invaluable piece of any social media mix. Specifically, the ability to add links finally opens the platform in ways that it hasn’t been previously available outside of paid ads.

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