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GroundFloor Media Culture VideoWhile the ability to create Facebook audiences based on whether or not, and how long, they have engaged with content that you have already posted to your Facebook Page has existed for some users for quite a while, it only rolled out to all brands in the last few months. The functionality allows marketers to target users based on the amount of time they have viewed a video that had been previously posted.

These tools can allow brands to tell more in-depth, complex stories while still adhering to the general rule of thumb to keep video content under a minute or two for maximum engagement. It also creates the ability to target users who have shown different interest levels in your content, a great way to only spend money on your super fans in certain campaigns.

While anyone can now use these audience tools, they take smart planning from the beginning of the content creation process to be executed effectively. Make sure to always consider all elements of your campaign’s content distribution strategy right from the very beginning.

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