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Small brands are discovering that they can grow by targeting the customers that big brands leave behind. By discovering niche audiences that industry giants ignore in advertising, small companies have found a way to thrive while also making their customers feel unique. Meanwhile, Reddit is punishing trolls, Uber is infringing on customer privacy and Netflix finally allows content to be downloaded for offline viewing.

Social Advertising

Entrepreneur: What Small Brands Do That Big Brands Can’t

Small brands are cropping up and taking advantage of customers who feel left behind by big brands. Many of them are using social media to target their unique customer, allowing them to grow intelligently with a fraction of the advertising budget of their larger competitors.


The Verge: Reddit will punish hundreds of ‘toxic users’ and hide some posts from pro-Trump community

The current season of South Park revolves around the toxicity of internet trolling, resulting in the Danish government’s creation of “Troll Trace,” a system that reveals the internet history of everyone in the world in an effort to end trolls for good. Though the full-blown concept is absurd, Reddit is taking steps to crack down on its most harmful users by restricting or banning them from the site if they aggressively troll.


The Verge: Uber wants to track your location even when you’re not using the app

Though Uber insists it will only track riders for five minutes after they use the app, the new update has many users worried about privacy, and some are fleeing the app for its competitors. Uber’s privacy issues reveal that delivering the perfect customer experience comes with finding the right balance of data gathering and privacy.

AdWeek: Programmatic Ad-Buying Is Now Available for Social Influencers

ROI Influencer Media has developed a partnership with multiple programmatic display advertising platforms that will make it easier for companies to connect with users and influencers.

Just for Fun

The Verge: Netflix finally lets you download shows and movies to watch offline

Netflix finally allows users to take certain content on the go, meaning it’s time to binge-watch Stranger Things or Narcos on your next flight!

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