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Looking ahead to a new year can be exciting when you’re crafting PR plans to support new products, big events, major milestones or exciting announcements. But, if you’re going into 2017 with nothing new on the horizon, don’t lose heart. There are still ways to keep your brand in front of the media and in the news!Google Alerts - 2017 PR Ideas For Media Coverage

Monitor for trends and breaking news

It’s always a good idea to monitor for trends and breaking news items that relate to your brand. This is easily accomplished by establishing Google Alerts relevant to you and having a list of brand spokespeople who you can quickly position as experts as the trend or news emerges. Now is a great time to freshen your list of experts, including their areas of expertise, current contact information and preferred methods of contact so that in a time-sensitive situation you can reach them quickly.

Get to know reporters

Using Google Alerts is also a great way to track for reporters who are covering topics relevant to your brand. Look for who is reporting on competitors or your industry, and follow up with a quick introductory email to ensure that you’re on their radar next time they’re looking for sources. This rarely results in immediate media coverage, but it’s a great way to raise your brand’s profile even without proactively pitching.

Surprise and delight

Do you have an existing product or service that reporters might like to experience? Surprise and delight them by reaching out to offer a sample of that product or service – no strings attached. But, do think about the right time so that the surprise is relevant and timely. For example, reporters are inundated with deliveries right around the holidays, but they might appreciate a surprise “snack break” delivery in the spring when schedules are busy and winter is looming. This tactic also doesn’t often produce immediate media coverage, but it’s a great way to get your product on the radar of key reporters and publications and has a long-term benefit.

These are just three of the many ways you can generate interest in your brand in a year with no “news”. We’d love to hear how you’ve accomplished the same for your brands!

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