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video_message-512According to “Why we should embrace video in 2017,” a Regan’s Communication article by Kevin Allen and its accompanying Hubspot’s infographic, 52 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as content with the best ROI. And by 2017, online video will account for 74 percent of all web traffic.

“As we enter a new year, it’s a good opportunity to reassess your video marketing strategy. Technology is emerging with 360-degree video, virtual reality, livestreaming, drone footage and much more. We’re only at the beginning of this revolution, so smart marketers who haven’t already taken part should prepare to jump in with both feet,” Allen notes.

We can’t dispute the powerful engagement and brand metrics generated by video. It is here to stay. But what about beyond social?

GroundFloor Media works with many clients who sponsor events and support nonprofits across Colorado. As part of these partnerships, there are often value-adds for speaking at events, hosting a lunch and learn session with employees, volunteering and more.

We found that showing a short video and having an executive speak for less than two minutes at an event can have more impact than writing and coaching that executive through a 5-minute speech. Plus, let’s be honest, most executives don’t stick to the message points. Well-directed and produced videos about a company’s CSR efforts and community benefit can get your key messages across and tends to stick with its audiences. For example, here’s a tailored a video for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Awards dinner developed for our client Noble Energy.

How about the times when a volunteer event is coming up that needs 30 volunteers and only five have signed up after you’ve sent three email reminders? Why not have your nonprofit partner join an employee lunch and learn, show a short video of your last company volunteer project and then make the call-to-action? Bank of America has a great volunteer video to rally their employees and remind their team how and why volunteering supports their culture and communities.

Let’s also talk about ambassador programs. If your organization has ambassadors, video can help break up content, keep participants engaged and reinforce actionable steps for your programs. And ambassadors can go back to videos to review/refresh after trainings.

As you plan your 2017 video strategy, don’t forget there are also many ways to fuel the momentum beyond social media platforms. There is still value in offline programs and tactics.

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