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More and more time, money and resources are being put around the generation of branded content. Social media, blogs, public relations… all of it requires hiContent Creationgh quality content to get the attention of the consumer.

Many brands are still struggling to measure the success of their content and iterate on previous executions. However, just like most marketing tactics, content can be measured using a data-driven mindset.

This article from the CloudPeeps Blog gives a great step-by-step approach to auditing your content so that you can use your resources effectively and drive more conversion.

Step 1: Choose the tools to use
Step 2: Revisit your goals
Step 3: Review top-performing blog posts
Step 4: Survey your community for feedback
Step 5: Analyze your social and newsletter data
Step 6: Get inspired by competitors
Step 7: Establish your editorial voice and tone

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