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People often filter themselves to appear a certain way in different social situations, some more drastically than others. We adapt to fit into all the little worlds we reside in throughout the day. But what about how we present ourselves in the digital world? Just like in the real world, some people are their genuine selves online, but many others use that space as a way to live the life they wish they had. If we do filter ourselves online, at what point do we, as humans, fool ourselves into thinking our digital persona is our true self?


Digital Trends: What’s a Finstagram? The Instagram craze that’s all about keeping it real
Teens are finding ways to live out both their real and fake lives on Instagram by creating separate accounts for what they want the world to see and what they only want their inner circle to see.

Digital Trends: Instagram rolls out controversial photo album feature on iOS and Android
Before the days of Instagram, I remember uploading albums of photos to Facebook so friends could tag themselves and relive bad decisions from a party the night before. Now, Instagram is rolling out an album feature that will effectively do the same thing. You can post a series of photos from one event, rather than plugging up your followers’ timelines with dozens of individual posts.


Recode: Facebook is starting to put ads in the middle of its videos
Publishers have struggled with making money from the content they place on Facebook, and the platform’s new “mid-roll” might do the trick.


Digital Trends: Twitter’s customer support profiles show you’re chatting with a human, not a bot
Companies will now be able to identify their human support representatives from their bots by providing users with the representative’s basic information and a profile picture.

Mashable: Twitter launches another measure to prevent abuse
Twitter is making another privacy change that will no longer notify users about replies to threads started by accounts they’ve blocked or muted.

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center-table-scl-health-day-in-the-life-featuredProject Highlight:

SCL Health | Creating Standout Content in Healthcare
CenterTable created a content campaign that highlighted a day in the life of hospital employees, which resulted in an average engagement increase of 63% over ongoing content.

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