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Welcome to the data visualization dating game! Hi, I’m Adrienne and I’m new around here. I like engaging social media posts, long creative sessions and most especially thoughtful incorporation of data before and after campaigns. My ideal date doesn’t just take a dip in the data pool, he jumps off the high dive and into the deep end. After his swim, he keeps only the necessary, glistening, shining drops of important, actionable data points.

As my major data crush Avinash Kaushik would say, getting drunk on data and providing “data pukes” is totally unnecessary, not to mention classless and a total turn off. What he means by that is having data is great, but dumping a bucket of it onto a page doesn’t answer the two most important questions data exists to answer – “So what”? And, “So that?”  Why is this graph important to your business and what is it telling you to DO!?


Bachelor number one, I see that your data presentation contains the answers to my business questions but it’s so complex people can’t understand them – you’re not winning my affection. Bachelor number two, your presentation contains concise, beautifully presented data but doesn’t answer any of my business questions or tell me what actions to take. I do not choose you number two. Bachelor number three, your data is concise, well presented, and actionable, will you be my data date?

Bachelor number three, you remind me so much of my data crush Avinash Kaushik. Let’s spend the evening gazing deep into his blog and learning more from this data deity. The how of creating and presenting data that answer the So what? So that? questions can be found there.  If you, too, want to learn more, believe me–every blog post Avinash puts out is worth the read. So go, learn, and when you’re done come talk to me so we can fangirl together and put our data learnings to work to make beautiful insights together.

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