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Facebook Livestream tips for on location
Facebook Livestream tips for on location

Facebook Livestream has brought communicators a fabulous storytelling tool for clients. Whether you are looking to cover an event, launch a new product, host a seminar or share news, it is a simple way to engage specific target audiences.

In fact, I recently worked with a local television station partner to amplify messaging for a public education campaign via Facebook Livestream on location and wanted to share a few tips:

• Once you determine a date/time, share that information across your social platforms to help gain an audience; repost it during and after with links to the livestream, as appropriate.
• Scout out a location beforehand and determine connections, best lighting, areas with the least noise/interruptions, etc.
• If you are outside, check on the placement of the sun and shading.
• Be prepared.
— Bring an iPhone/Android and computer in case one doesn’t connect.
— Bring a microphone.
— Bring a tripod and use it.
• If you have computer access onsite, you can tailor the livestream, including adding a lower third on the stream, hashtags and an introduction.
• Be sure to prep your speaker to introduce himself/herself at the beginning, sometimes middle and the end of the stream.
• Have an assistant available to:
— Hold the microphone if it isn’t a wireless lavalier microphone
— Help introduce speaker(s) or provide background to viewers
— Help read livestream questions, including calling people’s names, such as, “Jane Doe from Greeley has a question about XXX.”
— Mark timing of questions for posting after the livestream
• Have a “wrap-up” signal to alert the speaker that you will end the stream or call out, “We have one last question.”
• Use props to bring the story to life.

Want more tips? Or do you have tips to share? Please do!

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