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Some behind-the-scenes content, combined with "staff pics" from our clients at Elite Brands.
Some behind-the-scenes content, combined with “staff picks” from our clients at Elite Brands.

We’ve had a couple of strategy sessions with our clients recently and a recurring theme has come up: Sometimes what you consider “boring” might actually be extremely engaging content.

Anyone who works in a warehouse, production facility or “in-the-field” probably doesn’t see a whole lot of intrigue from said workspace. But time and time again, we’ve seen audiences be completely captivated and engaged with behind-the-scenes content of how things are made, how machinery works, or what people do in their daily work routine.

Whether it’s the 2008 Southwest Airlines jet engine cleaning video (530,000+ views!) or the fact that there’s an entire business out there named “How Stuff Works” with 14 different categories (fourteen!!!), it’s clear that audiences are interested in learning about what happens behind the scenes, or in everyday lives outside of their own.

There are a few steps you need to take to ensure this kind of content is intriguing – making sure you’re highlighting something your audience doesn’t already know, use/highlight personalities from your office, and making sure your photos/videos are good quality – but the next time you’re strapped for content ideas, take a step back and think about the various aspects of your work environment… interesting content might be waiting on the other side of your office wall.

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