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You’ve probably heard that pictures are the king, or queen, of social media. But that doesn’t mean mean stock images. We’re talking infographics, and beautiful, original images. Driving people to action and helping them recall your content requires compelling visuals, unless you happen to be a sophisticated Russian hacker. Fortunately, there are a plethora of online tools to help create those visuals and new ones are always popping up.


VentureBeat: Google launches Data GIF Maker to help storytellers convey information through animations
It can take a lot of time to create infographics. Google aims to simplify the process with their new tool that creates animated GIFs with your data. The tool is meant to help you tell your data story in a more visual way. For now the types of graphs you can create are limited, but knowing Google, if it turns out to be popular they’ll add plenty more options.


The New York Times: Hackers hide cyberattacks in social media posts
The Russian hackers are at it again. They’re using social media to compromise people’s computers to access private information. Who said the Russians never taught digital marketers anything? The hackers are creating compelling posts (up to 34% click through rates!) by examining the pages people have publicly liked and making “offers” related to those interests. Sounds like a strategy that could be used for good. Understand your audience and their preferences and align your offerings with them and you too could be a Russian hacker… or an amazing digital marketer!


Social Media Examiner: Visual content and social media marketing: new research
Research shows that while most marketers understand the importance of original visual content, many struggle to consistently create it. A key takeaway from the article is that using live video can help get around this conundrum. Many people like live content and don’t expect it to be perfectly polished. In one study, 80% said they’d choose to watch a live video from a brand over reading a blog post.

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smart-ash-website-design-seo-featuredDenver Parks & Recreation | Be A Smart Ash Website Design, Development and SEO
Denver Parks and Recreation needed to launch a website to support an integrated public awareness campaign aimed at educating residents for the inevitable arrival of the Emerald Ash Borer in Denver.

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