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Too often in marketing organizations a small number of tactics receives a disproportionate amount of attention. Whether it’s one or two social media platforms, email, or sales engagement, a number of factors including internal pressures and associate skill levels can influence where time is spent. Stepping back to make sure all you’re evaluating all available marketing tactics and including the right ones will need to long-term success.

Email Marketing

MediaPost: Are They Kidding? Survey Shows Small Businesses Prefer Social Over Email
The author of this column oversells the value of email a bit but his point about it being an extremely important part of the marketing mix is 100% correct. As we mentioned above, each of these individual tactics can drive results for your business even with limited budget and bandwidth.

Influencer Marketing

MediaPost: Celebrities Still Fail To Disclose Instagram Ads
Multiple recent reports have highlighted the large number of celebrity influencers who have failed to adequately disclose their sponsored posts and relationships on Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms. As the FTC looks at new ways to crackdown on influencers it will be important to make sure any influencers your brand is working with are disclosing the relationship adequately.


Adweek: Facebook Just Bolstered Its Retail-Focused Dynamic Ads With Video and Merchandising Overlays
Facebook announced an important new ad unit for any one who sells a product this week. Dynamic ads, which let marketers remarket specific products to individuals who have recently viewed that product on your website, are now available with video, which can give much more detail about the product and hopefully lead to a new sale.


The Verge: You can now design custom Snapchat geofilters from your phone
The geofilter floodgates have been opened. This week Snap launched the ability for users to create the filters from right inside the app. Next time you or someone from your marketing team says, “I wish we would have created a geofilter for this event” you’ll be able to get it launched from your mobile device and have it approved in one business day.

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Project Highlight

centertable-avanti-case-study-featured-1Avanti Food & Beverage | Website Design & Development – CenterTable worked with Avanti to evolve their web identity, taking them through the process from beginning wireframes to the final launch. The refresh allowed them to improve their SEO via greater mobile usability, drastically decreased load times, refreshed content and other SEO strategies.

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