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6 Tips To Prepare For a Sponsorship Meeting With a Corporate Partner | GroundFloor Media PR Agency in DenverIf you are meeting with a corporate partner to discuss a sponsorship proposal or charitable donation request, be prepared. Just as you would prepare for a new business meeting or job interview, you have one shot to make the best possible impression, so do your homework and come to the meeting prepared. The key to success? It should be all about them.

Whether you have worked with a corporate partner for multiple years or you are meeting for the first time, here’s what to research, prepare and bring to the meeting:

  1. Google the corporate partner to scan the news and review their social properties so that you are up to speed with any company announcements, events and other partnerships; at the same time, make sure you know who you’ll be meeting with – conduct a background search on each of the individuals.
  2. Bring an agenda to the meeting
    • Include welcome/introductions with a list of names/titles from your organization
    • Start with asking for a quick update on their business
    • Even though you have an agenda, in addition to asking about their business, ask if there are other items they want to cover and double check how much time they have for the meeting.
  3. Bring hard copies of your sponsorship proposal for each person attending the meeting and a few extra
    • Proposals should be written to answer one question: what’s in it for them?
      • How can your organization/proposal help them achieve their business goals, reach key audiences, communicate key messages about their company, etc.?
      • How is this request for a sponsorship or charitable donation going to make a difference for the corporate partner’s brand?
      • Why is your organization a good fit for the corporate partner?
      • How can your organization extend the corporate partner’s brand beyond the event or program? What are the value adds you can provide, outside of what’s in the written proposal? What do they really care about?
  4. If you have worked with the corporate partner before, bring a recap report preferably in a short PowerPoint which should include:
    • Branding and marketing examples/photos including the corporate partner’s brand
    • Social media post screenshots including the corporate partner
    • Website inclusions
    • Event photos
    • Media coverage
    • Metrics for the above plus audience/program participant size, number of volunteers, etc.
    • Public outreach and/or education components (e.g., number of event or program attendees, booth visitors, community outreach efforts, etc.)
    • Collaboration components (e.g., other partners or coordinated services)
    • Data Collection/ROI (e.g., detailed analysis of the project outcomes and measurement tools)
    • Lessons learned and opportunities for the future
  5. If you haven’t worked with the corporate partner before, bring examples of the above to show how you understand the importance of ROI and how you provide a recap report for your corporate partners
  6. Lastly, stick to the allotted time and request a follow up phone conversation to help answer additional questions

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