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It happens to the best of us, both individually and as organizations. Meetings and events take over the calendar and even the best social media machines can hit a lull. So, how can you possibly keep up once the doors open at a large tradeshow or back-to-back meetings keep you off mobile devices?

By now you likely know the importance of having a weekly or monthly editorial calendar in place for drafting, scheduling and publishing posts quickly. Beyond a well-stocked social media calendar, we’re sharing a few ideas below:

  1. Enlist guests. If you do not already have a guest blogger program, outline a strategy and wish-list of targets now. If your guests cannot commit to writing full posts, send them a short Q&A on their area of expertise or ask them to comment in one or two paragraphs on a timely event.
  2. Empower others with responsibilities. In most cases, employees do not want to miss a deadline or worse, be the reason a company’s digital channel sits dormant all week. At the start of a busy week hand out assignments for gathering, scheduling and posting content.
  3. Look outside your world. Is it National Donut Day? Treat the office to your favorite donuts and snap a photo of everyone tagging a much-needed snack break. Not only is it timely, you are piggybacking onto hashtags and keywords that may already be trending nationwide.
  4. ICYMI. It stands for “in case you missed it” and provides an opportunity to re-share your best content with the assumption that not everyone has been exposed to it yet. With organic reach on Facebook plummeting and the glut of content your audience has to sort through daily, there is a very good chance that great article or image was missed.

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