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When we say “Instagram” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Pretty pictures of far-off destinations? Mouth-watering food photos? Sweet shots of your favorite kiddos? This week we’re expanding our horizons by peeking into Instagram feeds that feature shrunken heads and goats – yep, goats. And surprisingly, both are basking in followers and engagement. Wondering how? Join us on a little Instagram journey…

CBS News: TSA Gains Popular Following on Instagram

Believe it or not, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) – yep, the folks running security at the airport – hold the No. 4 spot (ahead of Beyoncé!) on Rolling Stone’s “must follow” list. From frightening, confiscated items to tips on traveling by plane with live lobster, this article explores why there’s something for everyone on this unexpectedly awesome channel.

New York Times: Goats of Instagram

Goats are having a moment. Have you heard about goat yoga? Have you seen pictures of baby goats in costume? It might seem crazy, but even The New York Times is buzzing about these four-legged wonders. Read more about The Year of the Goat and how social media – especially Instagram – is amplifying the message.

Inc.: 5 Ways the Smartest Businesses Use Instagram Marketing

So, you don’t have snakes on a plane or goats in onesies to capture your audience on Instagram? Chances are you still have brand ambassadors, creative visuals and a good story to tell – just a few elements of a smart Instagram campaign. This article breaks down five ways you can utilize Instagram to your advantage.

AdAge: Should You Automate Your Instagram Marketing?

Automation is such a temptress… but the best social media campaigns center on authentic, engaging content and honest replies from real people. Even if it means sacrificing some of the goals you set early in the year, we’ll go for quality over quantity every time.

Huffington Post: What’s Trending in Social Media During the Second Half of 2017

We’re already more than halfway through 2017 and in this ever-changing social media landscape, it’s fun to ponder what might be next on the horizon. Here’s a quick read with a few suggested trends. What platforms or technologies do you think will grab the spotlight as we head into the fall?

On the Blog:

  • Will Corporate Directives Undermine FOX31’s Credibility? FOX31 has been on a ratings tear over the past year, but it is in the process of being acquired by Sinclair Broadcast Group. One of Sinclair’s signature components is its “must run” segments, but how will those segments impact the station’s credibility?
  • Meeting With a Corporate Partner For a Sponsorship? If you are meeting with a corporate partner to discuss a sponsorship proposal or charitable donation request, be prepared. The key to success? It should be all about them.

Project Highlight:

CenterTable-Denver-sheriff-annual-report-featuredDenver Sheriff Department | 2016 Annual Report – By combining interesting stats and engaging photography, CenterTable designed an annual report that successfully summarizes the Denver Sheriff Department’s progress in 2016. The final report provides an engrossing view of the inner workings of the Denver Sheriff Department and received extremely positive feedback from Department leadership.

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