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A few months ago, I decided it was finally time to carve out some time to work on an animated short film outside of work. Though I knew I would not be able to commit to an hour or more of extra work per day, I promised myself to work on this new endeavor for at least five minutes every day. The five-plus minutes could be spent taking notes, writing the script, drawing characters or designing landscapes.

Since making that pledge, I’ve done a decent job of holding myself to it. Inevitably, there are days when it’s a little harder to put pencil to paper. No matter what, though, the project has been on my mind every single day, and even mental notes that I make during walks with the dog are important bits of progress toward finishing the animated film. Currently, the script is about halfway finished and I’ve started designing the characters. Take a look at my sketches below to see some progress. Next steps will be to finish the script and fully develop the characters and landscape.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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