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With the addition of our CenterTable Studios video production and motion graphics team you might accuse us of having video on the brain. It’s no coincidence that we’re beefing up our video capabilities while almost all the new features being rolled out this week in social media land are video-related. Projections from people who know say demand for video on digital and social platforms will continue to grow. In fact, a 2016 report says 43 percent of people surveyed wanted to see more video content from marketers.


think with Google: What Brands Can Learn From Educational Content on YouTube
If you pitted grumpy cat vs. Mr. Rogers in a YouTube watch time battle, Mr. Rogers would take the prize. According to Google, education and learning videos earn 4X the watch time of animal videos. For brands, that means creating educational and entertaining content can help engage your customers. Another point of engagement, making an effort to put diverse faces on camera.


Social Media Today: Facebook Releases New Report on Video Performance Across Facebook and Instagram
When it comes to engagement, what works for the screen on your living room wall might not work for the screen in your hand. Facebook released a study which reiterates that video ads optimized for mobile tend to do better on their platform and on Instagram too. When you click through you’ll also find five tips for optimal Facebook video performance.


The Verge: Instagram Tests Letting You Add a Friend to Live Stream
Instagram is testing a new live split-screen feature so you and your friend can harmonize for your audience, or just talk over each other like normal. For now, this is just a test so you might not see it in your version of the app but get ready for more opportunities to use and create live content. As live content options become more sophisticated they provide enhanced opportunities for brands to tell their story to audiences.


Adweek: Pinterest Unleashes Video Ads for All Advertisers With Third-Party Measurement Partners
When you think video ads, you might think YouTube but If you’re trying to teach your audience something, Pinterest’s new video ads may be the way to go. Pinterest claims 75 percent of consumers on their platform are likely to watch videos with topics that interest them compared to 55 percent on other platforms.

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center-table-good-samaritan-hand-hygiene-featuredGood Samaritan Medical Center | Hand Hygiene Music Video Concept and Execution – This video, along with a promoted Facebook campaign, marks the most views any SCL Health video has received on Facebook to date. In one week after launching, it reached over 200,000 people and received 110,000 views.

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