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Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 10.57.36 AMHow can Twitter’s 140 character missives, and pithy Snapchat highlights get translated into our everyday writing as communicators?

Every time I reach for my AP Style Book, I am reminded of a college journalism professor who left her mark on me for a couple of reasons: First, we had weekly quizzes on the AP Style Book, which was a great way to learn and practice the rules. And if you weren’t sure there was a rule, at least we all learned to use the book to see if a rule existed.

Second, she was a stickler for writing in the simplest terms, using concise, action words and cutting out fat from our writing. Following is a list of words or phrases that should be eliminated from our writing, along with a suitable replacement word. Just like Bitly and Tiny URL help us shorten URLs for social media, this list can help tighten all of our writing. What are some of your favorite words or phrases that can be omitted and replaced with a single word?

Instead of:Use:
In order toTo
Very ugly, very fat, very angryHideous, obese, furious
In the event thatIf
On account of the fact that

Because of the fact that

Due to the fact that

In spite of the fact thatAlthough, though, despite
In the absence ofWithout
In the event thatIf
A large proportion ofMany
In a situation in whichWhen
There is a need forMust
Subsequent toAfter
Impact onAffect
Along the lines ofLike
At the present timeNow, currently



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