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It’s official: more than half (55 percent) of Americans over age 50 are now getting their news from social networks. What’s more, 74 percent of non-whites claim social networks as their source for news, too. Facebook earned the top spot among platforms – in part due to its sizable user base – with YouTube taking silver and Twitter earning bronze. Chances are you’re using these platforms to grow your business and interested in reaching at least some of these audiences, so take a minute to dig into the latest Pew Research for more! In the meantime, here are a few updates to get you off on the right foot.

The Verge: Facebook Launches Crisis Response Hub to Help Users During Disasters and Attacks
Meet Facebook’s newest site feature, Crisis Response. This new hub houses all of the platform’s safety-related tools including Safety Check and Community Help – so whether you’re involved in the crisis, tracking the news or hoping to help those impacted, Facebook has now centralized communication options during a crisis situation.

TechCrunch: Twitter Enables Account Sharing in Its Mobile App, Powered by TweetDeck Teams
Life just got a little easier for those who share responsibility for one Twitter account with other members of a team. TweetDeck Teams – which allows multiple users to access one Twitter account without sharing a password – is now available in the Twitter app for iOS and Android.

Mashable: Instagram Stories Can Now be Used as Facebook Ads
Facebook is introducing a new feature that allows brands to turn their Instagram stories into Facebook Canvas ads, and vice versa. From a brand manager perspective, this is great news in that ads will be more easily interchangeable across platforms. But beware, there is still great value in customizing content by platform.

eMarketer: Engagement With Instagram Videos is Surging
Photos may still typically earn higher engagement levels from Instagram users, but video is making a strong play for the top spot. Video engagement increased 53 percent year-over-year in May, which is ahead of the 46% growth rate seen for photos during the same timeframe. The trend is, in part, due to video ad spending, which is on the rise.

Forbes: Growing Your Business Means Dominating YouTube. Here’s How To Do It
YouTube is far ahead of its nearest competitors when it comes to streaming video, with U.S. consumers spending nearly a billion hours watching YouTube videos on Android in July 2017 alone. Looking to get in on a piece of this YouTube action? This article offers seven reasonable tips to help you improve your YouTube marketing.

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