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The way brands engage with consumers is constantly evolving and with that, video consumption is becoming more and more relevant. This week, we’re exploring some new opportunities to take your video game to the next level.

Video Advertising

TechCrunch: Video advertising took a big leap in Q2, according to Smaato
Video advertising is on the rise. According to Smaato, video ad spending was up 142 percent from Q1 and the most popular ad format was full-screen interstitials. Rewarded video formats, where you watch an ad for in-game or in-app rewards, also had 96 percent increase in impressions and a 153 percent increase in ad spend.


eMarketer: Engagement with Instagram Videos Is Surging
Although photos are typically still generating higher engagement levels than videos among Instagram users, video engagement has dramatically increased. See how some major sports organizations are capitalizing on this growing trend.

TechCrunch: Instagram Now Autoplays Video Sound Once Turned on Until You Close the App
Recent Instagram updates include a change to organic video and ad sounds on autoplay. With this change, video sound will be on silent when first opened with the option to toggle sound on. Your last toggle on or off will then apply for the rest of your session.


AdWeek: Facebook Video May Be Hot, But Personalization Is the Real Payoff
Consider the advantages of pairing your audience information with specific creative. With all of the personalization available on Facebook, brands should consider how their message should be personalized for each unique user while factoring in their previous interactions with the brand.

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center-table-good-samaritan-hand-hygiene-featuredGood Samaritan Medical Center | Hand Hygiene Music Video, Concept and Execution: CenterTable worked with Good Samaritan Medical Center to create a fun and engaging video campaign to communicate the importance of hand hygiene to employees, healthcare professionals and the general population. The video reached over 200,000 people and received 110,000 views in the first week alone.

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