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Social platforms are working to get people to the content they want via visual search, more characters and links all while sidestepping trolls. Twitter in particular will need help avoiding trolls with their announcement this week. Can you believe we could tweet this entire intro?


Social Media Today: Twitter’s testing an expanded 280 character limit with some users
Twitter is testing a move from their signature 140 character limit to a roomy 280 characters for each tweet. Beta testers now have room for all the adjectives that had to mercilessly delete before. But content creators beware. If this change rolls out to all users and your goal is engagement, you may still want to keep things brief. Even on Facebook where you’ve got all the characters you could ever want, shorter posts perform better.


Digital Trends: Instagram #KindComments is Back with New Tools for Regulating Commentary
Instagram is trying to cut down on nastygrams through its #KindComments feature. It has added the ability for public accounts to block comments from people you don’t follow or only allow comments for people who follow you. Any business that has been attacked by spam trolls will appreciate this.


TechCrunch: Snapchat lets you add links, voice filters and backdrops to Snaps
Snapchat’s at it again! They’ve created a feature ahead of their Instagram competitors with a relatively unintuitive user experience. Snapchat now allows you to add links to your Snaps, but the person receiving it has to know to swipe up. If you’re sending a link to your followers you may need to add some star stickers or hand drawn arrows, to make sure they notice the small carrot symbol and website name at the bottom.


Marketing Land: Pinterest signs visual search & advertising deal with Target to license its Lens technology
Have you ever seen something out in the real world, like a shirt or a vase and wished you knew where to buy it? Target is partnering with Pinterest to make this happen. Target plans to use Pinterest’s visual search technology in their app, so you can snap a picture of a pillow and see what Target offers that is the same or similar.

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