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Whether you’re a recent grad or preparing for a milestone high school reunion – there’s something about the “Back to School” season and quick change of seasons from summer to fall that drums up nostalgia for many people. And while my own children have been back to school for a little bit now, the very recent prospect of new backpacks, fresh notebooks and un-sharpened pencils really brought me back to that annual feeling of the chance for a fresh start.

Early New Year’s Resolutions

I recently read an article in Real Simple that offered “5 Excellent Habits to Start When School Does.” As adults, we often look to New Year’s Resolutions to start something new, but this article got me thinking that Back to School is a good time, too!

Start Assignments Immediately

My favorite tip from this article is to adopt a “read and discuss” policy. How often have you put off a project to the last minute, only to find that it actually would take only a few minutes to finish? I know I’ve done it before, and I love this tip for diving in to understand the components immediately. If it’s easy, just get it done! If it’s going to take a little more time, the “read and discuss” approach allows for some time to ponder the best plan of attack.

Start Something New

Harness that fresh start feeling and identify a topic you’d like to learn more about this year. Sign up for a conference you might like to attend, find a class at a local university, or download an app that will guide you through the steps toward a new skill. Whether you’re motivated by personal interest or looking to enhance your professional capabilities, Back to School is a great time to start something new for you, too.

Love What You Do

The beauty of adulthood is that Back to School is usually a choice rather than a requirement. But the opportunity to establish some new habits – for you and your school-age kiddos – is something we can all embrace. And, if you apply this opportunity to something you love, like your job or a personal passion, it’s only going to serve you well.

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