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"Let's make a music video..."
“Let’s make a music video…”

Our CenterTable video team brought home a Silver Leaf Award from the Colorado Healthcare Communicators last week for our “Hand Hygiene: 1-2-3” music video with our clients at Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Sure, I want you to click on the case study and check it out – but as I was thinking about how this project came together it occurred to me that the success of this video campaign was largely dependent on the creative thinking and execution of our video team.

As social media professionals and strategists, we’re constantly looking for new and fresh content. And frequently – as was the case with our Hand Hygiene campaign – we have half-baked ideas that cross our desks. The easy reaction is to pass them off as simply that – half-baked – and either discard the idea or produce something quick and simple. But that’s not how great content is made.

With a little strategic thinking and creative execution, we were able to turn a song that was written and recorded by a few Good Samaritan team members and turn it into a full-blown music video campaign that obtained more than 100,000 views in less than a week. We even turned around a behind-the-scenes video to get even more personality and creative content out of the effort.

The takeaway for me is pretty simple, but all-too-often a forgotten step: Taking concentrated time to energize and think differently/creatively about your day-to-day social media content is often the difference between a simple “Tuesday Facebook post” and an award-winning campaign.

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