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Nowadays things move so fast that spending time reflecting on what’s working and where you can improve on a specific strategy can feel like a luxury. Planning for the New Year? Sure – it’s possible to throw together a plan in an hour, but it’s unlikely you’ll see outstanding results. Now is the perfect time to carve out a few hours to meet with your team to look back on 2017 and talk about what success looks like for your team and your brand in 2018. It might be a challenge to find the time, but it’s an exercise that’s certain to pay off in the long run.

Adweek: 5 Social Media Content Marketing Trends to Watch Heading Into 2018

We’re just weeks away from the New Year, so now is the perfect time to evaluate how your social media content strategy performed in 2017 while considering how you might modify for 2018. Are the right team members on board? How often are you using video? Are you leveraging user-generated content? Consider these and more trends in this helpful article.

Forbes: How Can You Tell if Your Social Media Strategy is Working?

Social media strategy isn’t a one-size-fits-all commodity. So, before your boss asks whether your strategy is working, it’s worth taking a minute to define what “working” actually means to your brand. Savvy strategists look beyond the basics like followers and impressions to dig into more meaningful stats like conversions and engagements. Forbes offers some great tips on how to get started.

Marketing Dive: Study: Facebook Tops Pinterest, Instagram For Last-Click Social Commerce

New research shows nearly 48% of U.S. social media users made their most recent purchase via Facebook – blowing the competition (Instagram at 8.6%, YouTube at 4.5% and Pinterest at 2.1%) out of the water. Notably, this study only looks at “last-click” data, meaning the final channel where a purchase was made. So, influence from other platforms cannot be underestimated, but Facebook cannot be ignored. 

The Verge: Instagram is Testing a Stop-Motion Camera For Stories

Instagram is testing a new camera tool that allows users to stitch together a series of photos creating a stop-motion GIF that can be posted in your story. It’s not widely available yet, but could be lots of fun if fully released!

Business Insider: This App Adds Sparkles to Your Instagram Videos – And Celebrities Are Going Crazy For It

Chances are you’ve seen sparkles jumping out at you from your Instagram feed in the past few weeks, and now here’s the inside scoop on how to add a little bling to your content, too.

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