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The unending flow of data within our countless digital platforms can make it easier to know what’s working and what’s not – if you know what to look for. Check out these recent case studies and new data points that can help you navigate and make sense of your digital campaign results.


Social Media Today: What We Learned About Instagram Story Performance by Analyzing Over 800 Accounts
Social Media Today monitored more than 800 Instagram accounts’ story analytics to determine early usage trends and best practices. Read what they’ve discovered about adoption rates, influencers and prime posting times.


Social Media Today: Facebook Adds Split Testing, Improved Ad Analysis Options Within Ads Manager
With new split testing (or A/B testing) options, Facebook makes it easier to conduct social ad experiments and gain deeper insights into what’s working for your target audiences. Now there’s no excuse for not testing out a few options with your next set of ads to get the best ROI.


Marketing Profs: Seven Sets of Useful Insights You Can Gain From Twitter Analytics
How do you know if that perfectly crafted 140-character tweet actually performed well? Digging into Twitter Analytics can provide you with a wealth of insightful data that can inform the development of your next tweet, campaign or overall Twitter strategy.

Google My Business

Search Engine Land: Do Google Posts Impact Rankings? A Case Study
With a myriad of on- and off-page ranking factors in the search engine algorithm, it can be difficult to know which tactics are really worth your time and effort. Find out what Search Engine Land discovered during a recent case study on the impact of Google My Business posts on search rankings.


Google Analytics: Google Ads, Analytics and DoubleClick Announcements Keynote
This video unveils the latest feature updates powered by machine learning technology for Google’s Ads, Analytics and DoubleClick products. Learn how Google promises to simplify campaign measurement and increase overall productivity.

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orderup-social-media-ads-featuredOrderup | Using Social Content To Drive Demand Among Consumers: CenterTable helped OrderUp differentiate itself from competitors, increase market share and expand into suburban locations through a mix of social advertising awareness and conversion campaigns.

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