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Advertising on Reddit has been available for quite a while but horror stories from brands that tried to engage on the platform with out taking into account it’s unique structure andcommunities have served as warnings to marketers that weren’t building campaigns that “fit” with users of the platform.

The platform has over 330 million people engaging on the site each month and has become big enough that it can no longer be ignored. In the past few months, Reddit has made a number of changes that make it a viable digital advertising option. More so then nearly any other digital option out there, a Reddit campaign has to be built to be something that Redditors will embrace.

In addition to whitelisted subreddits (considered brand safe for advertisers), interest-based targeting and an updated self-serve ad-buying tool that is significantly easier to navigate, the platform has added an integration with the social marketing tool Sprinklr. The new deal will allow brands to publish comments to subreddits and manage the private messages they receive from users.

These new options will allow brands and marketers to begin exploring, listening and ultimately engaging with users on the platform which, in combination with the paid options, can truly allow brands to find new customers and fans.

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