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A Case for Animation & Motion Graphics | CenterTable Digital AgencyAnimation and motion graphics provide an alternative method of storytelling that lights and cameras might not always be able to. Whether it’s quantitative data and graphs or bouncy shapes and vectors, animation offers limitless creativity to implement and communicate visual ideas. There are several key benefits to implementing motion graphics into your video marketing strategy.

Feasibility of Concept

Animation takes time. There is a storyboard process to communicate a vision, assets must be designed and created before they can be rigged up and animated, and music and sound design must be mixed in to bring the piece to life. However, therein lies the possibility to take full advantage of the infinite settings and scenarios that are made possible through animation. Want to send your character to the moon? Want a cartoon version of yourself surfing on two robot sharks on a sea of lava? Instead of investing in a live crew, cast, props, and visual effects, consider making your idea a reality through some design work and animation. Check out Pizza Hut’s animated video depicting the innovative layers of insulation used in their delivery bags.

Keeping Audiences Engaged

There are times when statistics and metrics offer some of the most compelling reasons for consumers to buy into a business or a product. However, presenting that information in a static, PowerPoint-style way isn’t always the most effective way to serve your audience. Keeping things visually engaging is a guaranteed way to maintain a viewer’s interest, regardless of the subject matter. Companies like SEO platform – Ahrefs combine corporate copy, data and product functionality to create short, digestible pieces of content.


We live in an increasingly minimalist-trendy era that embraces a “less-is-more” mentality. The world of animation has evolved to be all-inclusive toward the large scale, elaborate magnum opi, to smaller pieces rooted in simplicity. CenterTable adopted this minimal approach when creating an animated video for Colorado Succeeds to highlight the steps required to enter a contest that they were hosting. There is no obstacle to storytelling when imagination and creativity are at the helm.

Thanks to animation and motion graphics, brands and companies have a wealth of opportunities to bridge the gap to their consumers in ways that are informative, effective, and memorable. When trying to identify problems or goals for your company, consider motion graphics as a resource to help solve them. Head over to CenterTable’s Vimeo page for more examples of our animation work

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