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Looking at the year ahead, both businesses and nonprofits will have to be light footed and prepared to change to stay in the digital game. Nonprofits should pay close attention to the changes Google announced to the Google Ad Grants program. Businesses will have to be nimble to make the best of changes to the Facebook News Feed that are likely to have negative impacts on organic page reach. On the proactive side, brands and marketers in 2018 planning mode are realizing the importance of paying attention to topics like authentic multicultural inclusion, not just ethnic tokenization to stay relevant to diverse audiences.


GroundFloor Media: Google Ad Grants Changes in 2018: What Nonprofits Need to Know Now

Big news for nonprofits this week. Google Grants announced changes like the hefty lift of maintaining a 5 percent click through rate (CTR) in order to keep the $10,000 a month ad grant. On the plus side, Google is raising the prior $2.00 per bid limit. Our PPC team goes into detail on these changes.


Facebook: News Feed FYI: Bringing People Closer Together

Facebook just announced that they plan to significantly change their newsfeed algorithm to favor interpersonal connection over business page content. They list a few types of brand content that are still likely to show up in users’ News Feeds, namely live video and events. Be prepared to try some new content strategies in 2018 to account for these changes.

Recode: Facebook is testing a new section of the app specifically for local news and events

Facebook is still working on weeding out “fake news.” Their latest foray into the news field is at local level. They’re testing a feature that shows people news from select publishers specific to their area. This could also include local events. Events must be a big push for Facebook since that’s the second time we’ve heard them mentioned this week.


Think with Google: The future of YouTube marketing is multicultural; here’s how brands should adapt

On YouTube, racially and ethnically diverse users expect to see more of themselves represented in advertising. Black and Hispanic millenials say they’re more likely to consider a brand that authentically reflects their culture. Stats show these are engaged users on YouTube, with the majority of ethnically diverse YouTube viewers visiting the site daily. Brands wary of doing something wrong by representing an unfamiliar culture can engage communities to see what feels authentic.


Focus Digital: 10 Social-Media Trends to Prepare for in 2018

A recent Goldman Sachs study found Generation Z more valuable to most organizations than millennials. Keep an eye on those early twenty-something digital natives. You’ll find them on apps like Houseparty, a multi user video hangout. Is there space for marketers there? Houseparty hasn’t made it yet, but where there are people the “A” word (ads) are soon to follow.

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