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As January already stretches to a close, the relentless updates about new capabilities in social media for business have been fast and furious. Setting yourself up for success can be overwhelming with this constant slew of announcements. From composing killer copy to refreshing your Instagram strategy in the coming months, take a few small steps each week to stay current.


Mashable: Instagram Just Added a Powerful New Way to Stalk People on the App

First there was Snapchat’s Snap Map feature and now Instagram follows that lead with functionality that allows you to see when a person was last active on the app. Log in regularly to your business account so potential customers see that you’re present and available. I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

Social Media Examiner: 7 Ways to Use Instagram for Business

Inspiration can be found in funny places. If you’re feeling stuck on how to best utilize Instagram and the stories feature to highlight your brand, try a product demo video or playful text overlay:



Hootsuite: What the Big Facebook News Feed Change Means for Brands

As we mentioned in Weekly Reads last week, businesses will have to think on their feet as the changes to Facebook’s news feed will continue to negatively impact organic page reach. Don’t ask your Facebook followers to “comment below.” As Facebook told Hootsuite, “Using ‘engagement-bait’ to goad people into commenting on posts is not a meaningful interaction, and we will continue to demote these posts in News Feed.”


Copyblogger: 7 Ways to Bring More Artistry to Your Writing

Reading your content out loud, stepping away from it for 24 hours and making an effort to write and read something every single day are just a few of Copyblogger’s suggestions to ensure your copy compels its audience.

Social Media Insider: Consumers Want Brands to Be Politically Woke

When a brand hesitates to take a stance on a political issue, the fear is usually that it will polarize their audience but 66 percent of consumers actually want brands to shape a political discussion. Fortune favors the bold.

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orderup-social-media-ads-featuredOrderUp | Using Social Content to Drive Demand Among Consumers

With a mix of conversion and awareness campaigns, OrderUp saw significant month-over-month order increases and was able to leverage the increased sales with existing restaurants on the platform to recruit new restaurant clients.

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