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The Eagles weren’t the only winners this week. Tide, MoonPies and Fanatics, among others, struck gold by creating thoughtful ad campaigns that took advantage of the big game. The #TidePodChallenge is a thing of the past thanks to Tide’s wonderful series of ads that stole the spotlight throughout the game. MoonPies crafted a funny, on-brand series of tweets that capitalized on the Super Bowl without having to invest big money. Fanatics rode the excitement of Philly’s first Super Bowl win to its second-best sales day ever. Though not everyone was successful on Sunday (looking at you, Patriots and Dodge), this week’s Weekly Reads highlight some of the brands who captured lightning in a bottle.

Super Bowl:

Adweek: Fanatics Targeted Fans on Facebook and Instagram to Score Massive Super Bowl Sales
Thanks to a targeted Instagram and Facebook ad campaign and the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win, Fanatics celebrated one of its biggest sales days ever. The company experienced a 60 percent increase in Super Bowl merchandise sales over last year.

Adweek: MoonPie Wrote the Best (Worst) Ads You Didn’t See on the Super Bowl
If you don’t already follow MoonPie on Twitter, now is the time to start. The brand’s social media manager had some fun during the Super Bowl by posting the scripts for hypothetical ads on Twitter. MoonPie did a great job of creating content that’s true to its voice, while capitalizing on a busy social media night.

Adweek: Tide’s Spotless Super Bowl Campaign, as Seen From Inside the Brand’s War Room
An inside look at Tide’s brilliant Super Bowl ad campaign, and how they interacted with fans on Twitter throughout the game.


Digital Trends: Ahead of Global Rollout, the Snapchat Redesign Could Already Be Sparking Growth
Snapchat’s redesign separates friends from businesses and the company has already seen a positive impact. In the first test market, publishers saw a 40 percent increase in viewers in the Discover section of the app.


Digital Trends: Baby Got Beck: Grandmother’s Instagram Inspires Rock Icon’s New Music Video
Captivating content on Instagram can do more than just get you followers. A Japanese grandmother started her Instagram account to chronicle her family’s daily life, but now her poodles and granddaughter are the stars of Beck’s latest music video.


Social Media Today: Pinterest Launches New Planning Calendar to Assist with Campaign Optimization
Pinterest created a guide with key stats on the best ways to reach its 200 million users. The guide’s best feature is a calendar that details the best time to post seasonal content.

On the Blog:




Project Highlight:

SCL-Health-digital-ad-docs-on-demand-featured-1SCL Health | Digital Advertising Campaign Driving App Installs

The combination of engaging content and a well-targeted digital ad campaign drove an impressive 87 app installs. Once it was apparent that the video ads outperformed expectations for the 24-34 year old demographic, CenterTable adjusted the targeting to focus on that age range. CenterTable also provided feedback to SCL Health that adoption among millennials for this tool was likely high due to that demographic’s comfort with all things digital.

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