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Facebook, Twitter and Google each claim to be rolling out shiny new features to make your digital advertising efforts easier and more effective, while Vero makes a push to become everyone’s next favorite social platform for personal use.


Fast Company: What is Vero? What you need to know about the rising social media platform

Rising subscription-based social platform Vero claims to offer users an ad-free experience with content flowing in chronological order. Find out if and how brands can get in on the Vero game.         


Marketing Land: Facebook is removing 20 outdated, redundant ad metrics; adding methodology labels
Confused by what all those metrics actually mean in the Facebook advertising platform? You’re not alone. That’s why Facebook is rolling out more clearly labeled reports and eliminating 20 outdated metrics. Find out what’s new and how to enroll in Facebook’s new Measure What Matters training.


AdAge: #Newlook: Twitter Eyes Redesign To Promoted Trend Ads
In an effort to restore enthusiasm for the product, Twitter is redesigning its promoted trends, aiming to make them stand out more clearly from the so-called organic trends.

Google Chrome

WordStream: How Will Chrome’s New Ad Blocker Impact Your Ads?
Google wants to scrub the web of interstitial riff-raff and other invasive advertising experiences. Find out how their new ad blocker for Chrome will impact your advertising strategy now that Chrome is the number one browser in the world.

Google AdWords

Search Engine Land: AdWords Keyword Planner update appears to be rolling out in the new interface
Google appears to be launching an updated AdWords Keyword Planner in the new AdWords interface with streamlined workflows, enhanced keyword ideas and updated forecasting tools. Learn more about these proposed new features.

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Project Highlight:

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