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It’s one of our favorite weeks of the year: South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) week! We’re very excited to be sending Jon Woods and Adrienne Schafer down to Austin to check out and report back on the latest and greatest in digital marketing from the festival. Be sure to check in with our blog Friday March 9 through Tuesday March 13 for a daily update from Austin, and follow along with @WoodrowWilson and the aptly handle’d @recap for real-time recaps of the various sessions and experiences they collect at SXSWi over the next five days. In the meantime, it seems everyone is wondering about Facebook’s algorithm changes, and many of us have questions about navigating the influencer relations space. Below are a couple of great articles to hopefully tide you over.


DigiDay: Media Buyers Aren’t Seeing Ad Prices Change After Facebook News Feed Changes

Some pretty ground-shifting changes were expected from Facebook’s recent algorithm/news feed updates. With the shift from a focus on publisher and brand content to more person-to-person interactions, the initial thinking was that brands would likely have to pay more to reach their audiences. And while it may be early, it doesn’t sound like there have been systematic shifts just yet.

DigiDay: Collateral Damages From Facebook News-Feed Changes Begins to Pile Up

But wait, maybe the changes have larger impacts that the first link lets on. This article serves as a good reminder of the dangers of tactics that go “all in” to game the algorithm of a search engine or platform. Big changes, or no changes? It likely depends on your approach to content and audience engagement.

Influencer Outreach

PRNews Online: 6 Tips for Brand-Building Influencer Takeovers

There’s a ton of grey area when it comes to influencer outreach. What should brands ask of influencers? Do they need to be paid formally, or in product? How do you monitor and follow up appropriately? Here are six things to consider when working with influencers, particularly when it comes to an account takeover – including ways to eliminate the approval process…

AdWeek: This Company Came Up With A Score to Measure Influencer’s Reach

Speaking of influencers, how do you know which influencer will move the needle the most? There are a lot of factors: followers, knowledge of your industry/product/space, engagement, click-through-rates… this article outlines how one company is working to put a value on individual influencers. Even if you don’t agree with the measurement system, there are some good factors for you to consider with your own influencer selection process.

On the GFM Blog

How to Make Your Data Dashboard Actionable, Not Recyclable

Are you producing the same metrics dashboards every month that might end up in the recycling bin more often than on the strategy table? Adrienne Schafer outlines a simple recipe for moving your reporting from “blah” to action.

Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2018

The CenterTable team traveled to San Diego last week for Social Media Marketing World, and this post and accompanying video breakdown the most prominent topics and trends from the conference.

Fake News Strikes…Again

Unfortunately, it’s a pretty ubiquitous term in today’s world: Fake News. Amanda Brannum breaks down the most recent case (as of this writing…), and the best ways to distinguish between fake and real news.

Business Success Boils Down to Purpose

Amy Moynihan discusses how connecting business strategy to purpose can be a game changer for your business – and quite possibly change the world in the process.

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