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Days one and two at SXSW were as fabulous and weird as ever. Two dinners, one very, very long and one wonderfully quick, a session or two (OK, just one) and a trip to the old West(world) got us immersed in everything Interactive all over again.


Pirhana Sushi delivered a fantastic meal in under 40 minutes (which was fantastic since we didn’t sit down until 9:00 p.m.).



Whiskey is era-appropriate, right?

Westworld at SXSW

Tweets of the day of the year of the millennium:

An unplanned part of the Westworld experience was the opportunity to “live through” that famous Austin traffic as we were bussed thirty minutes outside of town.

El Arroyo and their famous sign never lets us down.

We got in before Tapper did!

Free stuff:

The Westworld experience gifted us these hats as we entered the “park.” Most people were able to choose between white and black but we were handed these without the opportunity to select. Does this mean we’re both evil???

Westworld Hats

Through the lens:

Serenity in Austin as the sessions wrap for the day…

Lady Bird Lake at sunset
Lady Bird Lake at sunset









Westworld’s player piano IRL.


Austin’s architecture is on point.

Grab Bag:

Looks like someone added some millennials to their campaign this year…



Number of steps taken:

  • Adrienne – 10,920
  • Jon – 11,257

Hours of sleep:

  • Adrienne – 7.5
  • Jon – 8 (old man)

Unique beverages consumed:

  • Adrienne – 4
  • Jon – 6

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