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Day three at SXSW is now in the books. We ventured into another activation but didn’t have quite the same luck that we did at Westworld on day one. However, some great friends, good food and interesting sessions more than made up for it.


Gimme a large Bob #bobarmstrongdip #texmex

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We cancelled a fancy dinner reservation because we felt like it was time for some good old-fashioned Tex-Mex. We weren’t disappointed at Matt’s El Rancho and their famous Bob Armstrong Dip.


Cappuccino from Annie's

There were plenty of drinks of the adult variety too, but for our money the clear winner was this delicious cappuccino from Annie’s on Sunday morning.

Tweets of the day of the year of the millennium:

Free stuff:

Sweetbitter book

“No you cannot come into Intsagram’s activation but you can have this book” is not exactly the response we were hoping for on Rainey Street.

Smash Mallow

On the other hand, Smash Mallow’s may be the most “SXSW” food of all time.

Through the lens:

Dropbox activation

Dropbox’s art-themed activation.

Grab Bag:

Peru House

The Peru house spiced up the early evening with a traditional dance that included a live snake (in the hands of the woman in the middle).

Ready Player One Activation

We made sure to check out the Ready Player One activation but had to bail on the virtual reality centerpiece because the line got too long. Looking at this poor guy captured in his VR mask maybe that was a good thing.

Number of steps taken:

  • Adrienne – 16,220
  • Jon – 7,478

Hours of sleep:

  • Adrienne – 7.5
  • Jon – 6.5

Unique beverages consumed:

  • Adrienne – 5
  • Jon – 11

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